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Downspouts, Soffit, and Fascia Installation in Pittsburgh PA

Are you getting a roof replacement for your home? Add the finishing touches to the exterior of your home with soffit installation and fascia installation to protect your investment and increase the curb appeal of your home. ES Energy Save Windows and Exteriors installs roof fascia and soffit. These added features will save you on energy bills and protect your home from damage. We serve residential clients throughout Pittsburgh, Ross Township, McCandless, Allison Park, Gibsonia, Cranberry Township, Wexford, Dormont, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill PA.

Downspout Drainage Makes a Home More Functional

Gutters with downspout drainage function much better because the water in the gutters will properly drain from your home. A downspout is an essential feature to control the runoff from your roof. Professional installation will properly route your downspout away from the foundation of your home. We can assess the exterior of your home to determine the best route for your downspout drainage. If it is necessary, we will install a downspout diverter to direct the runoff from your roof to the best area of your yard.

What is Fascia?

House fascia is installed on roofs and is a type of roof trim. This is a common material used on houses. Many residential customers paint their house fascia to complement the color of the exterior of their home and the color of their shingles. Although many homeowners are drawn to fascia because of the way it looks, it also serves the practical purpose of protecting the roof from damage. Over time, fascia will rot and require replacement.

What is a Soffit?

Almost every home has soffits installed on the underside of the roof but many people do not know the name of the item. A soffit sits on the underside of a roof and protects the home and roof from moisture damage.

Typically, soffits are made of vinyl because the material does not age as quickly. When water does not properly drain off of your roof and out of your gutters, they will decay and age. Soffit vents are often installed to circulate air into your attic and eliminate moisture. Air flowing out of the attic can lower your energy bill significantly.

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Pittsburgh PA Soffit and Fascia Replacement

Customers often add on soffit and fascia replacement with the installation of a new roof or a new gutter system. Our team has over 30 years of experience with installation of roofing and exterior features for residential clients. These quick updates will prevent long-term damage to your home.

Contact us today to get an assessment of your home to see if you need soffit and fascia replacement. We can also check your gutters to see if your downspout drainage can be improved. We are proud to serve residential clients throughout Pittsburgh, Ross Township, McCandless, Allison Park, Gibsonia, Cranberry Township, Wexford, Dormont, Shadyside, and Squirrel Hill PA.